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What are Telegram reminders?

You'll Need The Telegram App

Telegram is a highly reputable messaging app a bit like WhatsApp. It has over 1 billion downloads and is available on both apple and android devices via thier app stores where it is rated  4.4/5. 

Better Than Email

No possibility of our reminders landing in your spam folder and you forgetting bin day. It is also more cost effective (bulk emails are surprisingly expensive).

One Way Messages

Don't worry, it's not like a WhatsApp group where members can send messages. You will only get messages from us about your bins.

No Spam

We will never send you a message that doesn't contain information about your bin collection.


Unlike a WhatsApp group other members cannot see who else is subscribed.

❌ Why Not WhatApp?

WhatsApp only allows broadcast groups upto 256 members. 

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